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Eleonora di Toledo Estate


The “Eleonora di Toledo” estate was founded in 1996. The name of the company was chosen in memory of Duchess Eleonora of Toledo,
wife of Cosimo I, who in 1500 spent her summers in the castle of this estate owned by the Medici family. Eleonora managed to start an agricultural renaissance in the surrounding area by carrying out reclamation works on the swamp which then occupied a large part of the territory.
Today, the company's desire is to produce a high quality oil, without compromises and through the oil to make known the excellence of this territory. The company's short supply chain allows the olives to be pressed immediately after harvesting, avoiding oxidative or fermentative processes.


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The short supply chain, Cultivar Mapping and Storage are our cornerstones.They allow us to crush the olives immediately after harvesting, avoiding oxidative or fermentative processes, to have a "personalized" harvest according to the degree of ripeness of the fruits and finally to keep the oil produced safe in an environment at a natural temperature, between 14 and 18 degrees, in the absence of noise, vibrations or lights

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The ideal place for every event

A magical place with a unique architecture, inspired by "Domus Romana",
is an ideal place for events, exhibitions, cultural events, weddings and private parties.


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It is presented with very bright gold rifessi, releases the aroma characteristic artichokes and the entire heritage of polyphenols with that hint of bitterness typical of the cultivar Frantoio.
Food pairing: Soups and grilled meats.


t has green reflections, a light fruity of grass, chicory and artichoke, the taste is perceived a typical and healthy bitter that leaves room for a spicy finish and without limits
Food pairing: legumes and fresh sheep cheese, shellfish.


yellow with green reflections, on the nose hints of artichoke, gives off a medium bitter taste, enveloping the palate with a final note of almond.
Food pairing: grilled meat from poultry or grazing animals.


it has a golden yellow color with green reflections, a fruity aroma of artichoke leaf and chicory, an elegantly bitter taste with spicy notes very decisive on the finish.
Accompaniments: vegetable salads with dried fruit.


has a yellow color with iridescent green reflections. The aroma is delicate with well-defined notes of green apple, green almond. To the taste it is presented with strong characteristics of green apple, almond
Matches: raw on rustic soups, met with rucola, with game and bruschetta.

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The oil produced is immediately stored in special stainless steel containers at natural temperature between 14 and 18 ºC/18 ºC, in the absence of noise, vibration or light.
As a precious gift we keep it in our vault.
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Venturina - Campiglia Marittima (LI)
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Venturina -  Campiglia Marittima (LI)

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